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🇬🇧UK Public Rosary

WHAT:UK Public Rosary is a lay Apostolate for the prayer of the Rosary, in public, outside, and physically present. It is not a platform for activism, or debate.
WHY:To do penance to liberate the UK of its current evils, and to restore the kingship of Christ in our society that is experiencing one of its greatest crisis in its history. Also to entrust our islands to Our Lady’s protection and to restore them, and our monarch Charles III, to the one True Faith.
WHEN:Usually, if possible, every Wednesday at 7pm
WHERE:Anywhere in public, in the open and physically present. The more visible, the better, as long as we do not violate any laws, or obstruct the public. In front of a statue, cross, figure of our Lady, or other Catholic symbol, church, chapel, or any other appropriate venue. We can bring a small statue of our Lady, poster, flowers, candles …
WHO:Anyone! Alone or with family, friends, bystanders, passers by, known or unknown, laymen or clergy (very welcome and encouraged), Catholic or not. The only limit is not to offer scandal.
HOW:Standing, kneeling or walking. With candles or other religious symbols, and signs, as long as these are not political or constitute activism, political or theological. At the end of the Public Rosary, prayed with intentions in communion with the Apostolate, other prayers, religious songs or preachings from priests, can be added.

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Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1d7Al7jQ9vJS1pDmPHXwwmGl8YOhMMQ9M&z=6

Places of prayer

Suggest (post) a prayer address location in Telegram: https://t.me/UK_PublicRosary