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Each country group works independently and provides a platform for people to find or proclaim a place to pray the Holy Rosary together in public.
Although the groups may share a common basic intention, the guidelines of the group may vary. For more information, please refer to their respective websites.
Being listed here does not automatically mean, that the country group is cooperating with public-rosary.org. The website public-rosary.org provides a list of selected groups where you can find or indicate places to pray the Holy Rosary in public in the respective country. A listing on this website does not automatically mean, that public-rosary.org endorses or shares all of the opinions, actions and content of the country groups.

External links are provided for informational purposes and for convenience only; they do not imply that public-rosary.org endorses or supports the opinions of the entity, organization or individual. public-rosary.org assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, legality or content of the external sites or the links listed below. Please contact the external site for answers to questions about its content.