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أن نكرس بلادنا لوالدة الإله طالبين منها العون لجميع المواطنين لينالوا الوحدة والسلام.لماذا
WHEN:Mainly every Wednesday at 6 pm.
WHERE:We want to pray not only at home or in church, but especially at public places in all cities, communities and villages
WHO:Everybody who cares for the wellfare of his country. Please invite friends, neighbors and start praying! Bring lanterns and candles!
HOW:Pray the Holy Rosary and sing hymns ; duration about 30 minutes.
HOW LONG:As long as your country, like many others, is in crisis, we will publicy pray for the intentions of our country and ask Our Lady to intercede with her Divine Son – after the crisis we will continue to pray the Rosary like generations before us have done.




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